Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park

Adventure park has everything to have fun


Anyone who wishes can push their limits with increasing difficulty on each floor of the Adventure Park, or they can slide from a height of meters with the Zipline and Pond Park view, feel the adrenaline in all their cells and have a pleasant time. Within the Adventure Park, you can free yourself from 12 meters or complete the 12-meter Climbing Wall with the Free Jump and Jump Catch units, as well as the High Rope Track.

In the activities, besides having lots of fun, children are directly related to academic success; they gain many gains such as coping with difficulties, self-confidence, taking responsibility, and improvement in decision-making skills.

The Adventure Park consists of 3 separate floors, 55 different games, 5 Ziplines, Climbing Wall, Snap Catch and Free Jump activities. After the short training given by the trainers, you will participate in the activity with your personal protective equipment. Thanks to the double-armed special security equipment, you are completely safe while having fun in the Adventure Park.

The high rope course in Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park consists of 3 floors. The higher the floors, the higher the difficulty level. Participants must be at least 130 centimeters tall for the 1st floor, at least 140 centimeters for the 2nd floor, and at least 150 centimeters for the 3rd floor. The minimum height limit for the Climbing Wall is 130 centimeters, and 150 centimeters for the Flash Catch and Free Jump activities.


  • Park Ticket


  • The expiry date of the Discounted Tickets is 30.06.2024 
  • When you show your Activity Reservation number to the Facility Box Offices, you can request your activity ticket and sales receipt.
  • The Refund and Cancellation Conditions in the Distance Sales Agreement are valid for the discounted tickets you purchase from the site.
  • Discounted prices and campaigns are valid for online ticket purchases from Individual door entry prices are applied at the facility counter.
  • Discounts and campaigns on Entry Ticket prices cannot be combined.
  • Guests under the age of 18 must come with their parents and fill out the specification.
  • In order to benefit from the activities, the height must be between 130-200 cm and the weight must be between 30-100 kg.
  • It is mandatory to wear sports shoes while participating in the activity. (It is forbidden to use the activity with slippers, sandals, high heels.)
  • Adventure Park with 60 Games + Zipline (Length 130 cm and above) 1 session. Activities that can be used with a single ticket: Adventure Park and Zipline
  • Bouncing Net Course 30 Min. (Height between 100-130 cm) 1 accompanying child is obligatory with 1 child.
  • Flight Package Activities that can be used with a single ticket: Bouncing Net Course and Trampoline Park.

Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park - Bahçeşehir Pond Park

Located in Bahçeşehir Pond, on an area of ​​3,500 square meters, Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park was selected as Turkey's Most Successful Outdoor Entertainment Center in Attraction Star, the most prestigious competition of the entertainment industry, in 2019.

Extreme Istanbul has safe and fun playgrounds suitable for the physical conditions of children.


Bahçeşehir Gölet Parkı İçi - Doğa Parkı Caddesi, Başakşehir/İstanbul

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