Sakarya Serdivan Paragliding

The pleasure of flying freely in the deep blue sky
Sakarya Serdivan Paragliding
The pleasure of flying freely in the deep blue sky

Get ready for Paragliding for an experience where freedom dances in the air!

Sakarya Serdivan Paragliding offers adrenaline enthusiasts an unforgettable flight experience accompanied by magnificent views.
As you rise to the sky, you will feel the light touch of the wind on your wings, and you will experience the pleasure of flying freely by defying gravity. Buy your ticket now and make your reservation to embark on a safe and exciting adventure with professional instructors. Get the wings of freedom with Paragliding!

  • Paragliding Flights are accompanied by experienced pilots certified by the Turkish Aeronautical Association.
  • Flight time is approximately 15 minutes.
  • There is no age limit from 3 years old.
  • Paragliding flights are possible for people between 30-120 kg.

Reception by the staff at the address below or at the location given to you after booking.

After a brief briefing and flight safety precautions are checked by experienced pilots, you are ready to take off if the weather permits.

Depending on the weather conditions, the flight takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes in the skies of Sakarya. For guests who want to enjoy watching the unique view of Sakarya, there are also a few exciting movements for those who say 'I want some action' while taking a straight flight. 🙂

Every moment of this unique experience is video recorded with Go-Pro devices and shared with you, not only in your mind but also in your album.

It's that simple to fly freely in the vast, deep blue sky!


  • Activity Ticket
  • Required Equipments

Paraşüt Tepe is generally suitable for Paragliding flights between 15:00 and 20:00. However, due to weather conditions, flights are not available on some days for your safety. Therefore, you can get information and appointment from the facility before you come to Sakarya Serdivan Paragliding area: +90 555 511 84 37

  • The expiry date of Tickets is 31.07.2024
  • The weather conditions on the day of the flight must be suitable for flying. Before you arrive at the flight area, you can get information about the weather by contacting the phone above.
  • The guests who will fly should weigh no more than 120 Kg.
  • The guests who will fly must be over 3 years old.
  • It is necessary to wear closed sports shoes during the flight.
  • Dressing for the season is important during a flight.
  • It is necessary to have sunglasses.
  • When you show your Activity Reservation number from the Facility Boxes, you can request your activity ticket and sales receipt.
  • The Refund and Cancellation Conditions in the Distance Sales Agreement are valid for the discounted tickets you purchase from the site.

Sakarya Serdivan is a preferred location for popular activities such as Paragliding air sports. The strategic location and natural structure of the hill offer ideal conditions for paragliding. The height of the hill and its wide circumference provide paragliders with a safe and enjoyable flight experience. Video and photo recordings are made with GoPro during flights and these contents are transferred to your mobile phone after the flight.


Selahiye, 48. Sk., 54000 Serdivan/Sakarya


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